Perri Nelson

This is an interim page while my site is down. Despite many attempts at having the base software on my site upgraded to more modern versions of PHP and MySQL, Brinkster, my hosting provider has not kept pace with modern technology and my Wordpress site will no longer run here. I tried performing an upgrade and it broke the site.

I have a backup of all of my content, but I don't know if I will restore it or not. I haven't really written much for my weblog in the last few years, and it may just be time to retire it. While I decide what to do with the site, this page and others like it will have to do.

For the last several months, I have been working part-time on a small novel. Anyone who is interested, and who is willing to give me feedback (other than just telling me that my writing sucks and that I should find a corner and just die) is welcome to read it and send me their critiques. I will have the first draft of the first section of the novel ready in the next few days.

You can request a copy by sending an e-mail message to I will send you an EPUB3 copy of the current state of the book.

Please keep in mind that this is a first draft and remember, to paraphrase Hemingway, the first draft of anything is solid-form excrement.

For those interested, the story takes place on earth, during the ante-diluvian period. I am writing it in three sections:

The first section relates the story of the robbery of a local baron's payroll, and the efforts of several men to steal the stolen payroll from the original set of bandits.

The second section relates the story of the world's first theme park. Near the end of this tale, our hero is sent on a quest.

The third section tells the tale of one man's quest to find the beginning of all things, and the meaning behind it all.